Safety Consulting

What are the benefits of implementing a safety program?

You may not be able to prevent every accident at work. However, an effective safety program can: correct unsafe conditions and work practices, train employees to spot and eliminate hazards, and hold everyone accountable for safety. In addition, if the program is qualified, a premium credit is available.

What are the key elements of an effective safety program?

A safety program generally consists of five elements: periodic inspections, hazard correction, employee training, accident investigations and record keeping.

What are the benefits of a return-to work program?

By paving the way for your employee to return to work quickly, you can promote employee morale, maintain workplace productivity, reduce workers' compensation claim costs, which in turn can lower your premium, accelerate the employee's healing process, and reduce the odds of litigation.

What are the key elements in a return-to-work program?

A return-to-work program begins soon after an employee's injury. It generally consists of the following:

  • Report the claim ASAP.
  • Stay in contact with the employee.
  • Think "tasks" not "job" when finding ways to return the employee to work.
  • Stay within physical restrictions.
  • Provide management incentives for returning the employee to work.